How to choose the best internet service providers in Malaysia

Internet speed has come a long way since dial-up. We're now able to video call our loved ones, play multiplayer online games, run an e-commerce business and stream HD movies, all without a hitch. And this is all thanks to the advancement of internet broadband technology coverage that now offers fibre unlimited internet plans that are affordable. With so many Internet service providers in Malaysia such as Unifi, Maxis and Celcom, how do you know who offers the best and fastest home broadband plan? How do you decide which deal to go for? To help you choose the ISP and speed that suits you, here's a quick breakdown comparing some of the best wireless, internet broadband and mobile plans as well as the best service provider out there.

TM UNIFI Home Fibre Broadband Plans Review


1. Unifi Home Fibre Broadband 500mbps + Plus Box

  • Best internet plan for home - TM unifi Home Fibre - RM249.00
  • Value for money for the internet speed & TV package
  • Available to most homes including landed properties
  • 30 Days free trial available
  • Free 600-minute calls (reasonably priced per minute once quota is up)
  • Free 6 months TV channel access
  • Not the best bang-for-buck if you're only considering it for just the internet
  • 24-month contract

Looking for high-speed internet for your home? This fibre broadband deal might be what your house needs, be it if you live in a condominium or a landed home.

Part of what makes this unlimited data broadband plan attractive is its easy accessibility for most Malaysians. Their service centres are widely available, and that you get a total of free 600-minute calls too, with 10 sens per minute charges apply once that amount is used up. 

But of course, the plan also comes with a Plus Box, which lets you tune in to channels and movies including blockbusters. 

Internet download speeds are set at 500mbps, with upload speeds capped at 100mbps. Sounds modest for most homes, no? The catch here is that you'll have to sign a 24-month contract to enjoy this otherwise value-for-money deal.


2. Unifi Home Fibre Broadband 300mbps + Plus Box

  • Second best internet plan for home
  • TM unifi Home Fibre - RM199.00
  • Available for most homes including landed properties
  • One of the best value offers around
  • Free 600-minute calls
  • Free TV package for 6 months
  • Still not the best bang for buck in terms of internet speed

The next best those who'd like to keep things simpler; unifi's own 300Mbps is perfect for you. Suitable for most types of landed homes, the 300Mbps speed is good for your daily video streaming and light online gaming. For your reference, the plan is able to download HD movie files of 3GB in 3 minutes and lets you stream 4k resolution movies with ease.

Additionally, getting the plan also entitles you to free channels and a free subscription to unifi's PlayTV for 6 months, thanks to the inclusion of the Plus Box.

Compared to the 500mbps plan, this offer is much more affordable and reasonable for most homes with 3 to 4 people (where not everyone needs a high-speed internet plan for demanding tasks such as gaming). The one difference is that while download speeds remain at 300mbps, the upload speed is halved to 50mbps. 


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